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[Travel Blog] When I was in Iran and our own presidential election was heating up, it occurred to me that the Bush policy (seemingly shared by Republican candidate John McCain) of tough-talking rhetoric might actually empower Iran's leaders to more effectively preach their message of fear and hate. But under the Obama administration, our government's attitude about how to engage the Muslim world has changed.

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[The Next Right] Iran: Being on the side of the people | The Next Right: If you quit drinking the liberal Kool Aide for a minute, you would see that the protesters, the people who are now driving change in Iran, are NOT BLAMING THE U.S. They are reacting to the isolation the U.S. has brought to their country through the international community.They have correctly placed the blame on their government, and that is where they are focusing their activity.

[niacINsight] Iran Updates - June 25 « niacINsight: Following the televised confessions of several arrested demonstrators who “admitted” to being recruited in London by agents of the Iranian opposition group, Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), a number of regime stalwarts, including several Majlis representa­tives, appear to be setting the stage in recent days for Mou­savi’s isolation””and possible prosecution””by accusing him of cooperating with anti-revolutionary elements ranging from the MEK to monarchists to Bahais. A number are also explicitly comparing him to deposed President Banisadr, urging him not to share a similar fate””a not very subtle veiled threat.

[neo-neocon] neo-neocon » Blog Archive » More brutality in Iran: So we’re going to celebrate the declaration of independence on the Fourth of July with Iranian torturers, murderers and the State Department says itself, the leading state sponsor of terrorism on the planet. I just think when you see an administration that is that weak, he may give [former Democratic President] Jimmy Carter a renewed reputation for strength.”

[Contrarian Commentary] Andy Martin on Iran « Contrarian Commentary: In 1999 Governor George Bush and his brother Jeb unleashed a torrent of abuse on me after I aired a commercial stating GWB wanted to “bomb Iraq.” I understood what no one else in the media did: George Bush was obsessed, yes obsessed, with Iraq.

[The Motley Moose - Recommended Diaries] The Motley Moose:: Voices from Iran: Hey, why report on a hokey religion

[The Plum Line] Bush's Man In Iran Lauds Obama's Handling Of Iran Crisis | The ...: Jefferson's view, as that of other Democrats as well as Obama I suspect, is that America's liberty is to be as a beacon to the world lighting the way to freedom. Liberty is not something that can be merely foisted upon a people in the Bush/Rummy/Cheney style, as those who have read Jefferson's writings (particularly on the French Revolution) would know.

[niacINsight] Iran Updates - June 22 « niacINsight: Bush sought to destabilize and bring about regime change in Iran for eight years through isolation, threats, and financial support for anti-Tehran groups. For all its labors, the Bush administration failed.

[Luciole Press Blog] Luciole Press Blog: Articles on Iran: "Obama condemns violence ...: Obama borrowed language from struggles throughout history against oppressive governments to condemn the efforts by Iran's rulers to crush dissent in the wake of June 12 presidential elections. Citing the searing video circulated worldwide of the apparent shooting death of Neda Agha Soltan, a 26-year-old young woman who bled to death in a Tehran street and now is a powerful symbol for the demonstrators, Obama said flatly that human rights violations were taking place.

[NO QUARTER] Iran Deja Vu : NO QUARTER: Some of us writing for this blog or reading it are old enough to remember the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution and, watching the events now unfolding in Iran, want to quote Yogi Berra (i.e., “It is deja vu all over again”). I lived in DC at the time and both drove and marched by the old Iranian Embassy (it is or was across the street from the British Embassy) yelling insults and waving an American flag.

[Commentary] Commentary » Blog Archive » He's Not Even Warren Christopher: The point is, neoconservatives like McCain and Wehner just can’t seem to quit their dangerous habit of making broad, extreme statements based on ideology rather than detailed knowledge of the situation in Iran and elsewhere. This was always the main problem with McCain’s candidacy —

[Dvorak Uncensored] » The Election Was Fixed! ”¦says Iran's Most Senior Ayatollah ...: “Late last year, Congress agreed to a request from President Bush to fund a major escalation of covert operations against Iran, according to current and former military, intelligence, and congressional sources. These operations, for which the President sought up to four hundred million dollars, were described in a Presidential Finding signed by Bush, and are designed to destabilize the country’s religious leadership.

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